brass liberation orchestra


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    Past Actions

    A list of some past events that BLO played at (Also see links page for links to many of the organizations and groups that we have worked with).

    9/9/2023 Candy and Thomas are making it official
    8/31/2023 Overdose Awareness Day
    5/20/2023 Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot Memorial
    5/7/2023 Jen Angel's Celebration of Life
    3/31/2023 Busk for Montana (Option 1)
    1/28/2023 The Anarchist coffeehouse
    11/18/2022 Busking
    10/31/2022 Walk with Windy
    6/9/2022 Fight for $15 and a Union
    5/14/2022 May 14 Mass Protest: We Won't Let the Supreme Court Decimate Abortion Rights
    5/1/2022 UESF contingent in May Day parade
    4/29/2022 Port Shutdown
    4/28/2022 Keep Denhi in her Home!
    3/13/2022 Vigil for Breonna Taylor
    3/13/2022 Vigil for Breonna Taylor
    3/1/2022 San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance Protest at SFMTA
    1/22/2022 Reproductive Justice action January 2022
    11/19/2021 CNA Sympathy Strike with Local 39
    11/17/2021 Abolition 101 Class at CCSF
    11/17/2021 Abolition 101 Class at CCSF
    10/30/2021 no cops, no fee, make bart and muni free
    10/15/2021 Deliver with Dignity action
    10/13/2021 UCAFT Lecturers Info Picket
    6/9/2021 SFMTA:StopTowingOurHomes
    6/7/2021 Third Reconstruction Resolution Press Conference
    5/21/2021 Anti-Chevron Day Protest at Richmond Refinery
    5/11/2021 Justice for workers at SFO
    5/8/2021 Care-a-van to save city college
    5/7/2021 San Francisco - #DefundLine3 Day of Action
    5/7/2021 Extinction Rebellion Action
    4/21/2021 Mass Eviction Witnessing + Defense
    2/13/2021 Protest the Creative Reuse Depot
    2/12/2021 Burlingame Skilled Nursing ULP Strike
    1/31/2021 Newsom, Stop the Executions!
    12/27/2020 NO MORE EVICTIONS - Hotels not Hospitals
    11/16/2020 Protest SF City's Eviction of SIP hotel residents
    11/14/2020 Close the Camps, Abolish ICE: Rally & March
    10/24/2020 March for Democracy SF
    10/16/2020 We are their voices
    10/10/2020 From George Jackson to Attica to the Agreement to End Hostilities
    10/8/2020 Alameda Health System strike
    10/3/2020 Don't Sleep on Your Vote
    10/3/2020 Don't Sleep on Your Vote
    9/21/2020 Stop Eviction, Save Lives!
    9/13/2020 Sunday, Sept 13 : Rise in Power - From San Quentin to Attica and Back Again
    8/22/2020 Stop the racist attacks at Soledad Prison. Black Incarcerated Lives Matter
    8/22/2020 Return to Sender-Homes not Barricades
    7/13/2020 Sequoia Hospital STRIKE
    6/28/2020 Pride is a Riot: Calling All Queers to March for Trans, Black, Brown and Indigenous Lives
    3/23/2020 Solidarity action with Veterinary Tech workers
    3/23/2020 Support for SFVS/VCA workers
    3/19/2020 No War Against Iran
    3/19/2020 Rideshare Drivers United March for Justice
    3/13/2020 Mike Zint Memorial at Omni
    3/7/2020 Block Party for Princess Beverly
    3/5/2020 The Monster Defeated:: El Monstruo Derrotado
    2/29/2020 Leap Day Action extravagant spectacle, roving street party and blockade
    2/29/2020 Castro March to Remember & Reignite Hope
    2/28/2020 Cut the Chase Challenge-Oscar Grant Plaza 2/28
    2/27/2020 Solutions Not Sweeps
    1/20/2020 6th Annual Reclaim MLK's Radical Legacy Rally and March
    12/17/2019 NUHW Kaiser Therapists Strike March & Rally
    12/10/2019 Peralta Federation of Teachers Board Action
    12/8/2019 Jess Curtis' Gravity fundraiser
    11/15/2019 Rally to Roll Back the Rent!
    11/2/2019 Out Now!- Trump Pence Regime Must Go Now
    11/2/2019 Día de los Muertos Community Procession #ClosetheCamps
    10/26/2019 Out Now. Trump/Pence Regime Must Go
    10/19/2019 dress' 65th Birthday!!
    10/19/2019 Mental Health March
    9/25/2019 Strike for Climate Justice!
    9/25/2019 global climate strike
    9/24/2019 Veritas Tenants March
    9/16/2019 Day Without Immigrants SF - Free the Children
    9/8/2019 Tiny House Village "Build" Completion
    8/6/2019 Designing Armageddon at Livermore Lab (RESUBMITTED WITH CORRECT DATE)
    7/21/2019 Aunti Frances Thank You Block Party
    7/21/2019 Aunti Frances' Thank You B-Day Block Party
    6/27/2019 Breast Cancer Action
    6/27/2019 Breast Cancer Action
    6/22/2019 Stolen Belonging - A Public Reclamation
    6/22/2019 WRAP's/ HRC/ COH NEW Action
    6/20/2019 Save The Red Stone Building
    6/18/2019 First Contract Fight
    6/15/2019 SF Anti-Displacement Coalition Art Release Party
    6/1/2019 Rally at the Cal Dem's State Pary Convention
    5/8/2019 UBER SHUT DOWN
    4/11/2019 Disrupt Inequality Rally and March
    4/6/2019 Walk Against Rape 2019
    3/20/2019 UPTE Strike @ UCSF Parnassus
    2/27/2019 Redstone Labor Temple anniversary
    1/12/2019 East Bay Rally to Fund Public Education
    12/15/2018 Holiday party!
    12/14/2018 Kaiser mental health therapists strike
    12/4/2018 Defend 2820 Folsom tenants from Ellis Act eviction
    10/14/2018 Let Our People Go protest at West County Detention Facility
    9/8/2018 Rise for Climate Justice and Jobs
    8/5/2018 Sweep Out the Fascists: A Festival of Resilience
    6/9/2018 March for the Ocean
    6/1/2018 HONK! Fest West
    5/31/2018 Stop Techsploitation!
    5/13/2018 Let Our People Go
    5/9/2018 AFSCME local 3299 Strike
    3/10/2018 A March to Preserve Queer Space on Polk Gulch
    3/2/2018 Rally for a Fair Contract
    2/21/2018 She Dared.
    12/12/2017 No Stadium at Laney
    12/10/2017 Richmond ICE Detention Center Protest
    11/16/2017 Sleep Out to End Homelessness
    11/4/2017 CANCELLED DUE TO RAINFORECASTBusk for jordans pen pal
    9/23/2017 No Hate in the Bay March Against White Supremacy
    9/9/2017 Soil Not Oil International Conference 2017
    4/22/2017 March for Science San Francisco
    4/14/2017 Good Friday Party north oakland restorative justice project
    4/12/2017 Hour power against budget cuts
    1/21/2017 "Women's March" in Oakland
    1/19/2017 Alameda Jail Fight Noise Demo
    1/7/2017 blo monthly m̶e̶e̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ party
    12/3/2016 Cleve Jones book launch party
    10/29/2016 Castro Creepy Crawl against Evictions
    10/8/2016 Beyond # Occupy
    10/5/2016 Harborside 10th Anniversary
    9/22/2016 Berkeley Renters Day of Action Neighborhood Stroll
    7/23/2016 Busking for jordans pen pal part 2
    7/22/2016 Unveiling of anti-criminalization/anti-gentrification Mural at Clarion Alley
    5/10/2016 UESF Rally at the Board of Education
    5/1/2016 ILWU Strike in SF May Day 2016
    4/30/2016 Adjuncts take back the Power
    4/29/2016 GOP/Drumpf protest
    4/28/2016 Oakland Janitors March demanding a tech economy that works for all!
    4/16/2016 Walk Against Rape SFWAR
    4/14/2016 Fight for $15 and union!
    4/5/2016 Justice for Yuvette
    4/1/2016 Restaurant Workers Action - UPDATED
    3/18/2016 secret gig friday!
    3/15/2016 Save E 12th
    3/10/2016 Air BnB sucks!
    3/8/2016 International Working Women's Day
    2/9/2016 Secret action re housing justice n transportation
    2/6/2016 SOS San Francisco
    2/3/2016 SuperBowl Protest: Tackle Homelessness
    1/28/2016 Early Bird Picket at the Homewood Suites!
    1/18/2016 MLK Day March
    1/16/2016 Justice for Black Workers! Justice for Carlton
    1/15/2016 Interfaith Procession in Remembrance of Black Lives
    12/11/2015 Busking for jordans pen pal
    11/21/2015 NorCal Climate Mobilization
    11/19/2015 BART Board: Which Side Are You On?
    11/17/2015 Hotel Workers' March!
    11/10/2015 Fight for 15 Natl. day of action
    11/2/2015 Reclaim Share
    10/6/2015 Bread & Puppet at Omni Commons
    9/28/2015 flood wall street west
    9/26/2015 Disability Unity Festival
    9/6/2015 SOS! Save Our Seeds March & Rally
    8/22/2015 Total Eviction of the Heart
    7/31/2015 WRAP's Homeless Bill of Rights Action
    7/21/2015 Restaurant Workers' March!
    7/19/2015 Aunti Frances' 60th birthday
    7/11/2015 Frida Kahlo Art Walk and Procession
    7/11/2015 Oil Train Action
    6/28/2015 EMPOWER Fundraiser for MISSSEY
    6/19/2015 Listen Up Mayors
    6/16/2015 Coliseum City Community Rally
    6/4/2015 Raise Up Richmond Community Rally
    6/2/2015 Rally to Save E12th
    5/30/2015 Sprouts Roving Action Tour
    5/8/2015 Mission Takes City Hall
    5/6/2015 No Keystone XL: Hillary's Donor Dinner Demo
    5/5/2015 Pigeon Palace press conference and lively demo
    5/1/2015 Labor Against Police Terror
    4/24/2015 Anarchist Cafe
    4/22/2015 shut down East Bay Realtors Conference
    4/18/2015 10th Annual Walk Against Rape
    3/31/2015 March for Schools Oakland Students Deserve
    3/29/2015 Coming Out of the Shadows
    3/27/2015 Defend Knowland Park! A Non-Violent Direct Action Against The Oakland Zoo Expansion!
    3/23/2015 Alex Nieto "art exhibit"
    3/17/2015 Stop the Criminalization of Homelessness in Berkeley
    3/14/2015 #GillTractDefense Rally!
    3/2/2015 No SF Jail!
    2/26/2015 Rally in front of Google's SF office to deliver petition against the eviction of tenants at 812 Guerrero
    2/11/2015 International Action Against Blackstone
    2/7/2015 Feb 7 March for Climate Leadership
    2/5/2015 Protest at Tech Crunchies Annual Award Ceremony, aka the Crappies
    1/21/2015 Restaurant worker picket at Oaks!
    1/19/2015 Reclaiming King's Legacy: A Jobs & Economy March for the People
    1/18/2015 Right To Rest Campaign Event
    1/18/2015 Mystery Action for MLK Weekend!
    1/11/2015 Soil Not Oil
    11/29/2014 CIW Food Co. Protest
    11/28/2014 OURWalmart Black Friday Strike
    11/18/2014 Friends of Knowland Park at Oakland City Council Meeting
    11/16/2014 ted gullickson memorial
    11/11/2014 Nurses' strike at Kaiser
    10/27/2014 People of California vs. ACCJC: Education for All vs. Rationing Education for the Few
    10/26/2014 dress' 60th birthday
    10/25/2014 The Haunted Hostel Halloween
    10/19/2014 These Walls Speak
    10/8/2014 "Our City" Rally and Actions for Minimum Wage/Prop J, Prop G, and Retail Workers
    9/5/2014 Urban Shield Protest
    9/4/2014 Fast Food Strikes!
    8/31/2014 Overdose Awareness Day March
    8/27/2014 Tennants show landlord they won't be bullied
    8/21/2014 UFCW awards dinner
    8/20/2014 Ferguson solidarity march
    8/16/2014 Block The Boat - Solidarity for Gaza
    8/9/2014 Our Power Richmond Day of Action - March!
    7/12/2014 Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan kick off
    7/6/2014 the 107th Birthday of Frida Kahlo
    7/5/2014 North Mission Community/Labor Street Fair
    6/29/2014 Marching for the SF Housing Movement in Pride
    6/28/2014 Prison Breaks Not Prison Parties
    6/25/2014 Protest Google conference
    6/21/2014 Projecting Palestinian Liberation
    6/14/2014 Plaza 16 coalition day of music and arts
    5/31/2014 The adobe backyard fundraiser dinner
    5/28/2014 DRUMRAISER!!
    5/27/2014 UESF SFUSD Teacher Rally
    5/2/2014 Celebration of Life & Struggle
    5/1/2014 May Day March for Immigrant Rights
    4/26/2014 9th Annual Walk Against Rape
    4/26/2014 Act Now! Our City, Our Homes!
    4/19/2014 Climate Justice March on Earth Day
    4/17/2014 Locals walk of shame
    4/15/2014 SEIU 1021 Rally and March on Twitter!
    4/11/2014 March for teachers
    4/10/2014 Flying Needle Project Benefit
    4/1/2014 Rally for Berkeley Minimum Wage increase
    3/30/2014 Coming Out of the Shadows 2014
    3/27/2014 The Town Hella Needs a Raise!
    3/13/2014 justice 4 tristan
    2/16/2014 Benefit for Breakfast's roommate
    2/14/2014 Valentine's Day Picket @ Le Meridien Hotel
    2/12/2014 SEIU 1021 Affordable Healthcare Rally
    2/8/2014 Lorraine's Birthday
    2/4/2014 Stop the DAC
    2/1/2014 Modern Times Benefit Performance Evening!
    1/17/2014 Fight for a homeless bill of rights
    1/15/2014 US Chemical Safety Board Hearing
    12/17/2013 Richmond Cares @ City Hall
    12/6/2013 David Solnit's 50th Birthday Blockade
    12/5/2013 Fast Food Workers Dec 5th Strike
    11/30/2013 No Thanks: A Festival of Resistance in Support of the Albany Bulb
    11/29/2013 Black Friday with Our Walmart
    11/20/2013 AFSCME 3299 Service Worker Strike for Respect!
    11/19/2013 Stop Oakland's Big Brother Surveillance Center
    11/16/2013 Busking to support typhoon victims
    10/31/2013 SF Would be Spooky Without City College
    10/26/2013 Haunted Hostel Halloween XI
    10/25/2013 Urban Shield Protest March
    10/19/2013 Stop Jeremy's Eviction
    10/18/2013 Support the BART Strike Picket
    10/12/2013 March Against Monsanto
    10/10/2013 World Mental Health Day
    10/6/2013 Ruckus Fundraiser Party
    10/6/2013 Market Street "Chess-In"
    9/21/2013 Peace Day SF
    9/14/2013 Pierre's Wedding!
    9/8/2013 Rise Up SF: Occupy Congress for Syria!!!!
    9/2/2013 Occupy Labor Day Bay Area Convergence
    9/1/2013 Lusty Lady Funeral
    8/31/2013 Overdose Awareness Day
    8/3/2013 Free Association Land Project Benefit
    8/3/2013 Summer Heat, Richmond
    8/1/2013 BART workers call for United Labor Rally
    7/20/2013 CD Release Party
    7/19/2013 Secret Cafe Benefit for the Hotmess/RCA
    7/13/2013 Corcoran State Prison Rally
    7/2/2013 July 2nd National Day of Action to Protect, Expand and Improve Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
    6/30/2013 Bradley Manning Contingent at PRIDE
    6/20/2013 Frameline Gala Protest for Israeli Pinkwashing
    6/20/2013 Stop Keystone XL! March across the Golden Gate Bridge
    6/14/2013 Busking for Big 7
    6/13/2013 Reach the Dream Launch
    6/12/2013 Workers' Fast for Justice
    6/7/2013 Busking for the Big 7
    6/6/2013 Palo Alto Rally Against the Keystone Pipeline: Tell Obama No!
    6/4/2013 Gezi Gardens
    5/29/2013 Bangladesh to the Bay: Action for Walmart Workers, Party for Justice
    5/25/2013 Tefari Casas (breakdancing)
    5/23/2013 05-23-2013 for The Free Association Land Project collective
    5/21/2013 AFSCME Local 3299
    5/18/2013 Rally for Food Worker Justice
    5/17/2013 Bay Area Nurses and their union, CNA
    5/8/2013 05-08-2013 for Berkeley Federation of Teachers
    5/1/2013 05-01-2013 SF/ East Bay Coalition for Immigrant Justice
    4/29/2013 Gig: Castlewood Victory Party!
    4/29/2013 Dobake Bakeries Worker Press Release
    4/27/2013 04-27-2013 for ACCE
    4/25/2013 Save CCSF and AFT2121
    4/22/2013 Earth day action for environmental justice
    4/22/2013 Gig: EarthDay EPA Actions
    4/13/2013 Parade for Peace with the Catholic Worker
    4/10/2013 Gig: Immigrant Rights March
    4/6/2013 04-06-2013 for Sin Barras:
    4/3/2013 04-03-2013 for Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, CREDO,, et al.
    3/15/2013 Anarchist Cafe
    3/10/2013 National Coming Out of the Shadows Day Rally
    3/8/2013 Design Action 10th Anniv. Party
    3/5/2013 For SF SEIU workers
    3/5/2013 Proposed Gig: 03-05-2013 for Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition
    2/28/2013 02-28-2013 for Save CCSF and AFT2121
    2/9/2013 Stop Genetically-Engineered Salmon! Label GMO's!
    1/26/2013 Chowchilla Women's Prison
    1/26/2013 Fresno Food Not Bombs Benefit Show
    1/19/2013 Chevron protest on 3rd Anniv of Citizens United ruling
    1/11/2013 Save CCSF Coaltion
    1/8/2013 Support Creative Arts Charter School
    1/6/2013 Gig: Howard Wallace Memorial Event
    12/13/2012 Federal Receivership Hearing
    11/27/2012 34th Annual Harvey Milk Memorial March
    11/23/2012 Black Friday Actions in Support of Striking Walmart Workers
    11/21/2012 Luchadora vs. Corporate Greed: A Mi Pueblo Market Worker Solidarity Demo
    11/20/2012 Strike the Port with Oakland Port Workers
    11/15/2012 There's No Place Like Home - Homes Not Jails 20th Anniversary Benefit
    11/15/2012 Occupy the Regents!
    11/14/2012 Alameda Nob Hill Picket-Supporting Striking Workers
    11/11/2012 Support Striking Workers at Alameda Nob Hill
    11/8/2012 UC-Berkeley Anti-Austerity Action
    10/27/2012 10-27-2012 Point Montara Lighthouse
    10/5/2012 The 7th HONK! Fest
    9/20/2012 Mad Love: Celebrating 10 Years of the Icarus Project
    9/17/2012 Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street
    9/16/2012 Berkeley Standing Up for the Right to Sit Down
    9/15/2012 Human Be-In
    8/16/2012 Action for Accused Wikileaker Bradley Manning
    6/2/2012 Launch Party for ATA's University of the Commons
    5/30/2012 Rally & Protest outside Chevron shareholders meeting
    5/18/2012 Occupy the Auctions
    5/17/2012 Book Launch Party for Beautiful Trouble and Organizing Cools the Planet
    5/12/2012 Kaiser Picket for Trans-Inclusive Healthcare
    5/1/2012 May Day March for Dignity and Resistance
    4/28/2012 7th Annual Walk Against Rape
    4/24/2012 Stop Wells Fargo Shareholder Meeting Protest
    4/22/2012 Love The Land: Earth Day 2012
    4/20/2012 Occupy Earth Day & Richmond Chevron Protest
    4/18/2012 Rally for SF City Workers
    4/1/2012 No Fooling, National Day of Action for the Right to Exist
    3/30/2012 Rally in Solidarity with Global March to Jerusalem
    3/30/2012 Anarchist Cafe
    3/13/2012 Occupy Oakland Protest for Tristan and Palestine
    3/10/2012 International Women's Day March with Occupy San Francisco
    3/6/2012 Protest of Israeli President Shimon Peres
    3/1/2012 Statewide Day of Action for Education
    2/29/2012 Capitalism Funeral
    2/25/2012 Blo @ castlewood
    2/23/2012 Contract Campaign Kick-Off Rally for SEIU 1021
    2/20/2012 Decolonize San Quentin
    2/17/2012 March for Dignity
    2/7/2012 Michelle Rhee Protest
    2/4/2012 The Holdout Grand Opening
    1/28/2012 Occupy Oakland March
    1/21/2012 10th Anniversary BLO-OUT!
    1/19/2012 Occupy Wall Street West
    1/7/2012 BLO Live on KALX! - Berkeley
    12/31/2011 New Years Eve in the Mission - SF
    12/2/2011 Jobs, Not Cuts March - SF
    11/27/2011 Milk/Moscone Memorial March - Castro - SF
    11/9/2011 UCB Student Walk-Out
    5/1/2011 Immigrant Rights/Workers' Rights March
    4/30/2011 SF Walk Against Rape
    4/23/2011 Modern Times Bookstore Party
    4/15/2011 US Uncut "Pay Up!" Flashmob
    4/9/2011 Baile y Lucha! Fundraiser dinner for Castlewood Workers
    4/8/2011 Anarchist Cafe
    4/4/2011 We Are One Rally: Solidarity with Wisconsin March
    3/19/2011 8th (!) Anniversary of Iraq War
    3/10/2011 ReVulvaLution! Multidisciplinary performance in honor of International Women's Day
    3/2/2011 Rally for BFT - Berkeley Federation of Teachers
    2/26/2011 Castlewood Lockout - 1 Year!
    2/14/2011 Have A Heart: Valentine's Day Action To Save Our Homes!
    2/5/2011 Egypt/Tunesia Solidarity Rally
    2/5/2011 Egypt/Tunisia rally & march
    1/29/2011 Busked/Fundraised for Lyon Martin Health Services clinic in the Castro
    1/29/2011 Busking to Save Lyon-Martin LGBTQ Health Sevices
    1/26/2011 Stop the Oakland gang injunctions rally
    1/26/2011 Rally against Oakland Gang Injunctions
    1/14/2011 Busking for Haiti
    1/14/2011 Busked for Haiti in the mission
    1/7/2011 Local 2 Hotel Worker's Picket
    12/18/2010 Sit/Lie protest - sidewalks are for people
    12/18/2010 SIdewalks are for People Day!
    12/13/2010 AIPAC at Oakland Marriott
    12/13/2010 Rally against AIPAC
    12/7/2010 "1000 Cancuns for Climate Justice" action in San Francisco
    12/7/2010 1,000 Cancuns for Climate Justice
    11/21/2010 Castlewood March - Pleasanton, CA
    11/21/2010 Castlewood March
    11/13/2010 Woodfin Victory Party - Emeryville Senior Center
    11/8/2010 Sit/Lie protest
    11/1/2010 Immigrant Rights march - anti-SB1070 hearing
    10/14/2010 Anti-Oakland Gang Injunctions gig
    10/10/2010 HONK: Boston University anti-Dershowitz protest
    10/10/2010 HONK: Harvard Square Oktoberfest
    10/10/2010 HONK: Honk Final Night Show
    10/9/2010 HONK: Davis Square (2x)
    10/8/2010 HONK: Dorchester Boys and Girls Club
    9/8/2010 Bevmo gig at embarcadero bart
    9/6/2010 Emeryville flashmob with AROC against HP
    8/29/2010 Opera Piccola Fundraiser: Support arts education in Oakland public schools
    8/29/2010 Opera Piccola fundraiser
    8/14/2010 Castlewood fundraiser dinner
    8/7/2010 Worker CO-OP conference in berkeley
    6/20/2010 Picket of Israeli ships at the Port of Oakland
    6/19/2010 Pride at work protest at Alcatraz Cruises
    6/17/2010 Queers protest Israeli Consulate's Sponsorship of LGBT Film Festival
    6/12/2010 once more into the Castlewood Country Club
    5/24/2010 No on Prop 16 rally
    5/23/2010 Mahala Live! Voice of Roma with Rumen Shopov & members of the Brass Liberation Orchestra
    5/10/2010 anti sit/lie action at SF city hall
    5/9/2010 Worker's hunger strike at Castlewood Country Club
    5/8/2010 Don't get caught in a Bad Hotel flashmob action
    5/1/2010 Herdeljezi Festival with Voice of Roma
    4/29/2010 Oakland Education Association Teachers Strike
    4/28/2010 Rally against San Francisco's proposed Sit-Lie Ordinance
    4/27/2010 Bank Accountability Action at Wells Fargo shareholder's meeting
    4/24/2010 with Voice of Roma contingent in Apple Blossom Parade
    4/24/2010 Band Member Wedding
    4/23/2010 F___ Castlewood Country Club, Stop trying to starve out your workers
    4/19/2010 Rally for SF8
    4/17/2010 March in Haight-Ashburry to oppose Sit/Lie Ordinance
    4/10/2010 Seranade for Teacher's Union March Enroute to Sacramento
    4/8/2010 Oscar Grant Direct Action at Embarcadero Bart
    4/4/2010 Homes Not Jail March
    3/27/2010 Day of action against the proposed SF anti-Sit/Lie ordinance
    3/19/2010 Support OAK 100 Talent Show
    3/12/2010 Anarchist Cafe
    3/5/2010 Emergency action in support of locked-out workers at Castlewood Country Club
    3/4/2010 Statewide day of action to defend our schools march with UESF
    2/25/2010 Emergency action in support of locked-out workers at Castlewood Country Club
    2/25/2010 Haiti Fundraiser - Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Workers
    2/22/2010 Ralley to support JR, defendant from Oscar Grant protests
    2/14/2010 Mad Love benefit for the Icarus Project
    2/5/2010 Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Event
    2/5/2010 Busking for Hati
    1/24/2010 Busking to raise $ for health programs in Hati
    1/23/2010 Bay Area Coaliton on Our Reproductive Rights March
    1/20/2010 Western Regional Advocacy Project March
    1/5/2010 Local 2 hotel worker march
    12/31/2009 New year's eve romp in the Mission
    12/12/2009 Ann Braden anti-racist training graduation
    12/7/2009 Support rally for JR, journalist arrested in Oscar Grant protests
    11/30/2009 Kid's Climate Justice Parade
    11/29/2009 with Voice of Roma @ Amnesia Bar
    11/19/2009 Unite/HERE 2850 Oakland Labor March
    11/13/2009 March for Domestic Worker Rights with Mujeres Unidas y Activas
    10/28/2009 Direct Action to Win Single Payer Health Care
    10/22/2009 Homes Not Jails Benefit @ Sub-MIsson Art Space
    10/22/2009 National day of protest to Stop Police Brutality
    10/15/2009 Ralley for Single Payer Healthcare at Obama Appearence
    10/8/2009 Bringin' the Love Fundraiser for the B.L.O. with Charming Hostess and Loco Bloco
    10/4/2009 UNITE HERE Local 2850 Picket at the Oakland Coliseum
    9/25/2009 Pro-health care flash-mob protest at Whole Foods
    9/24/2009 UC Berkley student/staff walkout against budget cuts
    9/20/2009 Bacchanal de Afrique Fundraiser/Party for KPFA's Africa Today
    9/10/2009 Coalition on Homelessness Street Sheet Benefit Party
    9/7/2009 Local 2 Labor Day March
    7/31/2009 ACORN anti-forclosure action in W. Oakland
    7/30/2009 San Francisco Songbird Festival @ El Rio
    7/25/2009 One Fam Bike 4 Life
    6/28/2009 Busking after SF Pride festival
    6/18/2009 Local 2 Hotel Picket
    6/17/2009 Playing at Bayview farmer's market
    6/10/2009 Real Deal or No Deal: March for Budget Justice in San Francisco
    6/8/2009 Rally for SF 8 at SF county jail
    5/26/2009 Rally for Oscar Grant's pre-trial hearing
    5/12/2009 Silver Tsunami Protest of budget cuts affecting the Elderly
    5/2/2009 Pride at Work benefit @ El Rio
    5/1/2009 San Francisco Mayday Imigrant Rights march
    4/25/2009 Apple Blossom Parade in Sebastapol with Voice of Roma
    4/17/2009 Ferment Change Spring Music Festival
    4/3/2009 Celebration of international Romani day, organized by Voice of Roma
    4/2/2009 Mission district budget cuts protest march
    3/26/2009 Justice for Oscar Grant demo
    3/25/2009 Local 2850 hotel workers rally @ Concord Holiday Inn
    3/24/2009 Kick-off for march to repeal Prop 8
    3/15/2009 SeBRASStopol Brass Band Blow Out
    3/13/2009 Berkeley Teachers Union Rally
    3/13/2009 Anarchist Cafe
    3/6/2009 Busking at Oakland Art Murmur
    2/24/2009 Local 2 hotel worker's march
    2/12/2009 Oakland Education Association rally against cuts
    2/6/2009 Performace collaboration with La Melodia, Loco Bloco, D-Fuse, and Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club
    2/3/2009 SF Teachers' Union (USSF) protest of education budget cuts
    1/24/2009 Counter-demo for anti-choice march
    1/14/2009 Justice for Oscar Grant March organized by CAPE
    1/13/2009 Rally with Coalition to Save Public Health
    1/5/2009 San Francisco Gaza/Palestine solidarity march
    12/31/2008 New Year's Eve romp through the mission
    12/14/2008 at Amnesia bar
    12/6/2008 Fundraiser party for PathfinderPress
    11/7/2008 Benefit for arts program @ SF LGBT community Center
    10/31/2008 March and Rally against ICE Raids
    10/26/2008 Musical Flyering for Prop B
    10/22/2008 Benefit for Alemany Farm put on by Party Corps
    10/13/2008 Honk!+ in Providence RI
    10/10/2008 HONK! Festival
    10/4/2008 Oakland Black Cowboy Parade
    10/1/2008 Rally to Support "People's Plan" for SF development
    9/25/2008 Emergency protest against the Minutmen SF
    9/14/2008 @ Amnesia Bar with Japonize Elephants
    9/7/2008 Parade for Hornucopia Festival
    8/29/2008 No Business As Usual - Katrina Anniversary Action
    7/26/2008 Pride at work's Genderful Gala to protest HRC's selling out Trans folk
    7/22/2008 March for Good Jobs and Clean Air at the Port of Oakland
    7/19/2008 Anti-ICE taqueria workers benefit BBQ
    7/18/2008 Playing for AFSCME UC Berkeley Strike Picket
    7/17/2008 @ the rickshaw stop with Mucca Pazza
    6/21/2008 "Worst of SF" anti-gentrificaiton action
    6/21/2008 Bike Music Festival
    6/20/2008 Dreaming Outside the Walls: Music Benefit for Palestinian Youth in the Arts
    6/7/2008 Hella Heart NOLA Benefit show
    5/31/2008 Renters Rise Up! A Party With a Purpose (No on 98)
    5/31/2008 Anne Braden Anti-Racism Workshop
    5/14/2008 Oakland Teachers Union (OEA) Rally Against education cuts
    5/1/2008 Oakland Immigrant Rights May Day March
    4/26/2008 Fundraiser for Break the Silence Mural and Arts Project
    4/26/2008 with Voice of Roma at Sebastapol Apple Blossom Parade
    4/12/2008 Fundraising Party for Pride at Work
    4/11/2008 Latin American Alliance for Immigrants Rights benefit
    4/9/2008 ACLU Youth Rights Conference
    4/1/2008 Rally for Critical Resistance
    3/28/2008 Pre-show music for Amor Cubano play
    3/21/2008 Anarchist Cafe
    3/19/2008 Direct Action Against the War in Downtown SF
    3/15/2008 Protest and direct action at Chevron's Richmond refinery
    3/8/2008 Homes not Bombs: A benefit for the SF Community Land Trust and Direct Action to Stop the War
    3/7/2008 Benefit for Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra's Trip to HonkFestWest
    3/3/2008 Sex Worker Rights March with SWOP
    2/27/2008 UC Berkeley support of Katrina refugees
    2/23/2008 Benefit show for immigration-related legal expenses
    2/19/2008 UNITE HERE rally at Alameda County Jail
    1/26/2008 TIGRA Western Union boycott
    1/19/2008 Roe v Wade rally
    12/28/2007 La Plebe & friends at La Pena
    12/14/2007 New Orleans Solidarity Rally
    11/16/2007 Balazo Re-Opening !
    11/10/2007 Busking on the Embarcadero to support St. James Infirmary
    11/1/2007 No Borders Cafe de los Muertos
    10/27/2007 SF Anti-war march
    10/5/2007 Return of HONK! Festival (Somerville , Mass)
    9/27/2007 EBASE fundraising dinner
    9/23/2007 Berkeley Honda Strike Victory Picnic
    9/22/2007 Busking in Dolores Park to support St. James Infirmary
    9/12/2007 March 4th, Loyds, and BLO at Lobot Gallery
    8/25/2007 BMAGIC backpack party
    6/27/2007 US Social Forum Opening March (Atlanta, GA)
    6/24/2007 Drag Busking in the Castro after SF Gay Pride Parade
    6/23/2007 Womyn's Liberation Orchestra plays for SF Dyke March
    6/13/2007 w/ La Plebe @ Bottom of The Hill
    6/8/2007 Bernal Dwellings Headstart Preschool Party
    5/27/2007 SF Carnival Street Party
    5/19/2007 Feria Familiar Inmigrante
    5/13/2007 Benefit Show for Balazo
    5/12/2007 Coleman Rally for the Next Generation SF
    5/12/2007 Busking for Balazo
    5/5/2007 MONSTERpalooza!: Monster Cable Co. Boycot
    5/3/2007 Emergency Action against the Woodfin Hotel
    5/1/2007 Mayday!
    4/28/2007 Playing with Voice of Roma in the Apple Blossom Parade, Sebastopol
    4/21/2007 Busking in N. Beach for BALAZO
    4/10/2007 Rally and march For Justice for Woodfin Hotel Workers
    4/7/2007 Anti-ICE Street Fair
    3/19/2007 Anti-war die-in downtown SF
    3/18/2007 Iraq war 4th anniversary ANSWER protest, SF
    3/18/2007 "Musical Daisy Chain" BLO joins other bands to play on MUNI, SF
    3/2/2007 Immigrant rights / Anti-ICE rally and march with BAIRC from 16th and Mission to Federal Building, SF
    2/27/2007 Fundraiser for San Francisco Community Land Trust, SF
    2/20/2007 Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) show at Makeout Room & Cafe Revolution, SF
    2/17/2007 Memorial service for Tillie Olsen, First Congregational Church, Oakland
    2/3/2007 Mandela Food Co-op block party, West Oakland
    2/1/2007 BLO's 5th Year Birthday Bash, Balazo, SF
    1/20/2007 Skye's birthday, SF
    1/14/2007 Ferry workers support rally, SF
    1/13/2007 Shut down Guantanamo rally, SF
    1/1/2007 New Year's Extravaganza, Mission, BART, Oakland
    12/15/2006 Bernal Dwellings Head Start Pre-School, SF
    12/11/2006 UNITE-HERE Local 2850 Claremont Hotel Worker's Victory Party, Albany
    12/9/2006 Angela's Birthday, Balazo, SF
    12/9/2006 War R esisters support march, SF
    12/9/2006 Ferry workers support rally, SF
    12/8/2006 Carlos' Birthday, Sunrise Cafe, SF
    12/4/2006 Demonstration against AIPAC, Oakland
    11/20/2006 Oaxaca Uprising Solidarity Action, Mexican consulate, SF
    11/13/2006 Rally for Woodfin Hotel Workers, Emeryville
    11/2/2006 Dia de los Muertos, Mission, SF
    10/30/2006 Roving Halloween party, Mission, SF
    10/21/2006 Modern Times Bookstore Anniversary, SF
    10/6/2006 HONK Festival of activist street bands, Sommerville, MA
    9/30/2006 NLG Benefit, Berkeley
    9/28/2006 EBASE fundraiser, Oakland
    9/24/2006 Jesse's going-away party, SF
    9/16/2006 New Orleans Benefit Show with Loco Bloco and La Plebe, Balazo, SF
    9/4/2006 Immigrant Rights March, SF
    9/4/2006 Alameda County Labor Rally, Oakland
    8/12/2006 Lebanon March, SF City Hall
    5/28/2006 BLO marches in Oye Nike's Carneval Contingent, SF
    5/6/2006 Dress and Kala's Handfasting Party, outer space
    5/5/2006 Cinco de Mayo Show, Balazo Gallery, SF
    5/1/2006 May Day, General Strike and March for Immigrants Rights, SF
    4/23/2006 Immigrants Rights March, SF
    4/21/2006 Dance Down the Lockdown, Benefit for Critical Resistance and PARC, SF
    4/21/2006 Cesar Chavez and Earth Day Party, Cesar Chavez Elementary School, SF
    4/10/2006 Immigrants Rights March, SF
    3/25/2006 Immigrant Rights Rally, Support for Hunger Strike, Federal Bldg, SF
    3/20/2006 Anti-War Action (Act Against Torture), Downtown SF
    3/3/2006 Benefit Party, Balazo Gallery, SF
    2/25/2006 Immigrants Rights Rally, Fruitvale, Oakland
    1/21/2006 Community Picket at Berkeley Honda
    11/13/2005 Presentation by organizer from Queer Beograd (Belgrade, Serbia), Sunrise Cafe, SF
    11/2/2005 Dia de los Muertos procession, SF
    10/29/2005 Immigrant Rights protest against racist "Minutemen," Sacramento
    10/26/2005 SEIU United Healthcare Workers picket at California Pacific Medical Center, SF
    10/16/2005 Poor People's March, SF
    9/24/2005 Anti-War March (ANSWER), SF
    8/24/2005 15th Anniversary of the San Fancisco Day Labor Program and dedication of new Worker Center, SF
    5/29/2005 Carnaval in SF
    5/21/2005 Beechwood School International Food Fair & Party, Menlo Park
    5/19/2005 Concert and Presentation with 4th grade class at East Bay Conservation Corp Charter Elementary School, Oakland
    5/14/2005 Multi-Cultural Family Picnic - Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School, SF
    5/1/2005 May Day Celebration & Grand Opening of CounterPULSE, SF
    4/3/2005 Critical Resistance Fund Raiser, SF
    3/26/2005 Benefit for a friend's medical expenses, Oakland
    3/19/2005 Anti-War March, SF
    3/18/2005 Radical Performance Fest, SF
    3/16/2005 Celebration of the Life of Rachel Corrie, Berkeley
    1/26/2005 March & Rally against proposed Oakland curfew organized by Critical Resistance, Oakland
    1/22/2005 Pro-Choice March, SF
    1/20/2005 Counter-Inaugural Protest March, SF
    12/18/2004 Picket at Claremont Hotel in support of UNITE-HERE Local 2850, Oakland
    11/20/2004 UNITE-HERE Local 2 pickets supporting locked-out hotel workers, SF
    11/13/2004 Rally with Justice in Palestine Coalition, "Targets of Empire", SF
    11/2/2004 Dia de Los Muertos Procession with Oya Nike Botanica/Cultural Center, SF
    10/22/2004 UNITE-HERE Local 2 pickets supporting locked-out hotel workers, SF
    10/17/2004 Bernal Heights "Fiesta on the Hill," SF
    5/30/2004 Carnaval with Pocos Locos of Loco Bloco, SF
    5/1/2004 Multi-cultural family picnic at Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School, SF
    3/28/2004 Cesar Chavez Day Parade, SF
    3/20/2004 Anti-War March, SF
    3/7/2004 Picket at Safeway with UFCW, Oakland
    2/22/2004 Picket at Safeway with UFCW, SF
    1/17/2004 Dr. Martin Luther King Labor Heritage Festival, Burlingame
    10/26/2003 Communist vs. Anarchist soccer match, Berkeley
    10/25/2003 March Against Occupation, SF
    10/22/2003 National Day Against Police Brutality, SF
    10/4/2003 Food Not Bombs Serving / No on Prop 54, SF
    9/28/2003 March Against Occupation, SF
    9/14/2003 Communist vs. Anarchist soccer match, Berkeley
    9/13/2003 Flyering against WTO, Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, SF
    9/11/2003 Circles of Peace, SF
    9/9/2003 Solidarity with Anti-WTO Protests in Cancun, Mexico / March and Direct Action at Chevron Refinery, Richmond
    8/15/2003 Demonstration with outdoor screening of anti-war documentaries at Fox TV, Oakland
    8/10/2003 March and Protest at Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore
    7/19/2003 Protest at Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio
    6/22/2003 March & Direct Action at USDA / WTO Agriculture Minister’s Meeting, Sacramento
    6/10/2003 Shut down of Oakland Docks to protest war profiteering , Oakland
    6/5/2003 Direct Action at Bechtel HQ, SF
    5/29/2003 Rally against media consolidation at Clear Channel and FCC offices, SF
    5/25/2003 Carnaval block party in the Mission District, SF
    5/2/2003 Protest George W. Bush visit at United Technologies, Santa Clara
    5/1/2003 MAY DAY Support for Hotel workers at the Claremont with HERE Local 2850, Oakland
    4/27/2003 Concert at Mission Cultural Center with community poets and musicians, SF
    4/26/2003 Benefit for New College group going to Ecuador, SF
    4/22/2003 Direct Action at Lockheed-Martin, Sunnyvale
    4/12/2003 March Against War on Iraq, SF
    4/7/2003 Direct Action at the Oakland Docks to protest war profiteering, Oakland
    4/5/2003 March Against War on Iraq, Oakland 
    3/27/2003 Anarchist Cafe, SF
    3/21/2003 Direct Actions as US launches war in Iraq (BLO goes to jail with 2500 others!), SF
    3/20/2003 Direct Actions as US launches war in Iraq (BLO goes to jail with 2500 others!), SF
    3/3/2003 Lysistrata Project, Oakland
    3/1/2003 "Rock Out Against War" street performance, SF
    2/25/2003 Taco Bell boycott in support of Florida's Coalition of Imokalee Farm Workers, SF
    2/15/2003 March Against War on Iraq, SF
    2/14/2003 Direct Action to shut down Pacific Stock Exchange, SF
    1/18/2003 March Against War on Iraq, SF
    1/17/2003 Art opening, Mission Cultural Center, SF
    10/28/2002 Bay Area Social Forum, SF
    10/26/2002 No War on Iraq March, ANSWER, SF
    9/28/2002 Palestine Solidarity March, SF
    9/14/2002 No War on Iraq March, ANSWER, SF
    9/7/2002 March for Racial Justice to the RJ911 Concert in Golden Gate Park, SF
    6/6/2002 March Against War (Not In Our Name), Berkeley
    4/20/2002 March Against War, ANSWER, SF